Professional Resources

Ambiguous Loss-Dr. Pauline Boss

Ambiguous Loss: Learning How to Live With Unresolved Grief

Dr. Boss has coined the term Ambiguous Loss in the Thanatology/Bereavement field as a loss experienced during: Alzheimer/dementia, chronic illness, living with life-threatening food allergies, adoption, missing person-kidnapping, missing person-airline crashes, etc. These are losses when you are grieving the loss of a person even when they are physically still with you or alive, or grieving the loss of a person who is missing and it is unknown if they are alive or dead.

The Center for Complicated Grief-Dr. Katherine Shear 

Complicated Grief Treatment Manual

Dr. Shear and her research team have studied Grief Theory Techniques over the years and is a leader in the Thanatology/Bereavement field. I highly recommend her books and her Dual Process Model of Grief Theory to be studied and used by counselors.

Center for Loss & Life Transition-Dr. Alan Wolfelt

Dr. Wolfet has developed Companioning Grief Therapy as an effective model for counselors when working with bereaved clients. He has written several books, blogs and leads workshops/trainings.

Companioning the Dying: A Soulful Guide for Caregivers

By Greg Yoder

This is a guide for any caregiver, loved one, pastor, spiritual director, or healthcare worker to turn to for information and support while walking with someone who is dying. It is well done and a great resource to have.

Grief Counseling & Grief Therapy: A Handbook for the Mental Health Practitioner

By Dr. William Worden

Dr. Worden is one of the leaders in Grief Counseling Theory. I highly recommend this book for every counselor to read.

Grief: What It Is and What You Can Do

By The Centering Corporation

This is a wonderful resource to hand out to clients who are grieving. It is a simple booklet that provides grief education and support. I highly recommend having a few of these on every clinicians shelf to hand to clients.

Living With Grief: After Sudden Loss

By Dr. Ken Doka

What can I say, but all of Dr. Doka’s books would be a valuable resource to every clinician or caregiver who is providing services to the bereaved. Dr. Doka is a leader in the world of Thanatology/Bereavement. Check out his website for all his publications, you cannot go wrong with any of his books. I highly recommend each one. He has books on men & grief, Disenfranchised Grief, grief in the workplace and many more.

Techniques of Grief Therapy-Dr. Robert Neimeyer

By Dr. Robert Neimeyer

Dr. Neimeyer is a leader in the world of Thanatology and Bereavement. His Integrative Grief Therapy Theories have revolutionized Grief Therapy. I highly recommend to every counselor to read his books and attend his workshops.