Death of Parent for Children

Healing a Teens Grieving Heart

By Dr. Alan Wolfelt

This is a book with lots of practical ideas for families and caregivers who are caring for a grieving teen.

When Dinosaurs Die

By Laurie Krasny Brown

When Dinosaurs Die is a classic book and I think every school, hospital, library should own a copy. It provides parents and caregivers a way to describe death to children as it is filled with colorful cartoons where the characters are learning about what death is, how it can happen and describes funerals, wakes and grief. It covers a lot of topics and helps give words to difficult conversations. I think it is a must-have book when you need to educate a child about death and grief.


After a Murder: A Workbook for Grieving Kids

By The Dougy Center

This is a terrific book and I highly recommend it for anyone who works with children grieving a death due to homicide. The Dogy Center is one of the first children/family grief centers in the country. After a Murder is available at Centering Corporation.

After a Suicide Death: An Activity Book for Grieving Kids

By The Dougy Center

Another great resource from The Dougy Center, one of the first child/family grief centers in the country. I highly recommend this book for any parent, teacher or caregiver who is helping a child who is grieving the death of a loved one from death by suicide.