Thank you for finding me in your search for grief support. If you are feeling tired and lonely in your grief, I hear you and you are not alone. You will receive empathetic listening and a safe space where you can be yourself without judgment. Together we will find ways to gently explore your pain and intense emotions. Grief is not a problem to be fixed, but rather a natural response to losing someone we love. It is an experience that stops you and demands your attention.

I believe each person has a unique experience and it is my hope that in working with me, you will feel supported to move through your heartache and struggles to become your best self.
My goal is to explore with you how to get to a place that makes your grief, anxiety or depression more manageable. Through empathetic listening, I provide a safe and sacred space where you can be yourself without judgment. Dr. Alan Wolfelt, the director of the Center of Loss and Life Transition, calls it “companioning,” a word I like because it demonstrates that I am on the journey with you, that I am there to learn from you and to honor you and your pain and to be there for you as you move through it. If you are struggling with family conflict my goal is to assist you as you begin to create healthy boundaries and redirect your energy toward positive relationships. For adopted persons, the search for identity can be life-long process. I aim to support you by making room for you to explore the complex emotions and thoughts that surface.